A dance, music and performance project

The Road We Live on

Developed by Dance Limerick/DL Bridge and St John’s Brass & Reed Band. Led by Choreographer Philippa Donnellan and Musical Director Jonathan Luxton.

Colourful, bold and brassy, THE ROAD WE LIVE ON is a new dance, music and performance project that is inspired by the neighbourhood of Garryowen and how the area has changed and developed in recent times. This includes the story of St John’s Band who began life as the community Victualler’s band in 1865 and is now based at No.2 Garryowen Road.

To develop this project, we’re working with the team from the local Community Developed Project and other groups, so if you’re from Garryowen or have links to the area – we welcome your ideals or stories from the neighbourhood. Or if you’re simply curious and enjoy dancing and playing music, come and get involved!

THE ROAD WE LIVE ON kicks off in April with a range of dance and music activities, and culminates in a live performance in Dance Limerick’s fabulous theatre space to celebrate the area and community on Saturday 18 June 2022.

There are a few ways to get involved in THE ROAD WE LIVE ON:

If you’re interested in playing music as part of the project with St John’s Brass & Reed Band, and you play percussion, brass or a woodwind instrument, please contact: Tony McCarthy via email: tonymccrth@gmail.com / www.stjohnsband.com

This is a specially established PERFORMANCE GROUP open to dance enthusiasts aged 18+. It is a 6-week project starting from 5 May. If you would like to get involved, contact Dance Limerick on 061 400 994, or email Philippa at: dlbridgeinfo@gmail.com. For full workshops and rehearsal schedule, see https://dancelimerick.ie/news/road-we-live-call-out

We’re excited to work with local groups of all ages from the local community. More about these groups to follow…

For more information about the project, email Philippa at: dlbridgeinfo@gmail.com.

THE ROAD WE LIVE ON is free of charge for participants. Dance Limerick’s spaces are wheelchair accessible.

The Road We Live On is supported by the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Arts Fund in partnership with Business to Arts. Dance Limerick/DL BRIDGE is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Limerick City & County Council.

Bringing music into local schools

St John's Brass & Reed Band

Last Monday, members of our band played for St Brigid National School, St Patrick’s Boys National School and St Patrick’s Girls National School.

We had some wonderful Christmas fun as the children sang along.

As part of our First Steps in Music outreach programme, we have children from St Patrick’s Boys School currently learning brass instruments. They’ve done so well over the last couple of months under the tutelage of our musical director Jonathan Luxton, and we’re thrilled to develop this further in 2022!

To see a short video from last Monday’s event, pop over to our Facebook page here.

Last performances of 2021!

St John's Brass & Reed Band, Limerick

This is our last weekend before Christmas!

We’re playing out at three different locations in Limerick over Saturday and Sunday.

Check the flyer for details and join us to celebrate the festive season!

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and joyful start to the New Year.

St John's Brass & Reed Band, Limerick

Christmas 2021 with St John’s Brass & Reed Band

St John's Brass & Reed Band, Limerick

We’ve had a busy December so far, playing out at the Georgian Quarter, King John’s Castle and the Milk Market. This year we’re thrilled that we’ve been joined by the newly-formed St John’s Hospital Staff Choir, also under the direction of our very own Jonathan Luxton.

For pictures and videos, hop across to our Facebook page!

There is more to come this weekend as we play out at Bedford Row. Stay tuned for details!

Spring project with Dance Limerick

St John's Brass & Reed Band

In the first week of December, we were welcomed by Dance Limerick in their gorgeous studio.

We will be joining them for an exciting project that will take place in the Spring 2022.

Stay tuned for further details as the project evolves over the coming months!

Photo courtesy of Dance Limerick

Limerick Culture Night 2021

St John's Brass & Reed Band - Culture Night 2021

We are delighted to be participating in Culture Night again this year, this time in person! On Friday 17th September at 6:45PM, we will be playing under the mural on Garryowen. Also joining us will be the Garryowen Comhaltas Group!

Please join us to celebrate an evening of music, and the official launch of the Garryowen Music Hub, which will provide a range of opportunities for all ages in the community to increase confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills, inviting participants of all age groups to become involved in different forms of music and activities.

Happy New Year!

St. John's Band Limerick

Despite the difficulty of Covid, lockdowns, and being unable to get together as much as we wanted to, 2020 saw St. John’s Brass and Reed Band spring back to life.

With a new musical director, a complete re-organisation of our music library, a social media reboot, donations of funds and instruments for an instrument bank, new members coming in, the return of past members, the launch of our outreach programme ‘First Steps in Music‘, a fantastic commemorative mural for our band hall, being part of Limerick Culture Night 2020, and being featured on RTE One News, we finished off 2020 with a bang!

Finally being able to get out and play, we did various Christmas concerts in the city centre and Garryowen areas that were met with such warmth and enthusiasm by our audiences.

Thank you to all our band members, students and supporters. We cannot wait to keep spreading the joy of music in this brand new year of 2021. There is much more to come, so watch this space!

To see our end-of-year video from December 2020, please click here.

Draw Out returns with a commemorative mural in celebration of St. John’s Brass & Reed Band Limerick

BASED at 2 Garryowen Road, St. John’s Brass and Reed Band has been an intrinsic part of the ceremonial history of Limerick for over 150 years. To recognise and celebrate the band’s contribution and representation of Limerick City, Draw Out, the Limerick- based Urban Art initiative, aims to honour the collective with the expertise of Dublin-based artists Decoy and WithoutMatter, delivering a striking mural commemorating the history of the band.

Chairperson for St. John’s Brass and Reed Band, Tony McCarthy, instigated proceedings with Draw Out supplying the artists with an incredible photographic reference; an original photo from 1958 of Jimmy Mc Cormack (right), current President and member of the band and Kevin Greaney (left), a former band member.

The history connected to St. John’s Band is very much part of Limerick’s Cultural Heritage, past and present. With the recent appointment of Mr. Jonathan Luxton as Musical Director, a new exciting era for the band is on the horizon. To coincide with current developments, which included giving the exterior of the building a much needed paint job, the well-received depiction of both the historical aspect of the band and the familiarity of the figures on display represents the true spirit of St. John’s Brass and Reed Band.

Draw Out endeavours to deliver public artwork that inspires higher thought about the community surrounding it, raises awareness and gives remembrance. With the support of Creative Ireland; Made in Limerick and Limerick Arts Office, this project was made possible. The Draw Out team quickly went to work to select the artists they felt would truly deliver on this piece.

‘DECOY’ is a professional muralist and street artist living and working in Dublin. In recent years, his public profile and reputation as an emerging artist has been building from strength-to-strength. Recent group and individual exhibitions, large-scale outdoor commissions and his strong social media presence are a testament to this.

In 2020 his art has progressed into a visibly unique style. Using abstract shapes and patterns synonymous with childhood drawings, overlapping and colour switching, creates his playful yet considered artworks. Furthermore, advancing Irish trends of abstraction and urban art. Also documentation of his day to day activities has become just as important; producing a litany of time lapses and day long paint story collaborations as he goes. 

‘WITHOUT’ is a visual artist hailing from Dublin. Originally coming from a fine-art/sculpture background, Without has been working as a muralist and designer the last four plus years. WITHOUT’s practice falls somewhere between sculpture, painting and, in recent years, large format artwork in the form of muralism and architectural installations. His most recent work explores themes of space, time, movement and form, treading the grounds between two and three dimensions. The combination of both artist’s individual styles creates a vibrant and collaborative concept, bringing depth, emotion and personality to the piece.

Public artwork shines a light on a particular entity rooted within the community, and acts as a talking point for important social conversation. Draw Out aims to represent the community spirit of the area, honour its cultural heritage and its influence on the populace. Draw Out has, to date, delivered 29 original pieces at a variety of sites across Limerick City and within Limerick communities, taking pride in defining the ‘local common ground’ to
encompass the distinctive, cultural elements of the area, presenting the authentic, social
and cultural character of a city and its communities.

If you wish to contact Draw Out, you can do so on 061- 314637/ 0838827455 or via any of our social media platforms.

Draw Out Socials: @drawoutlk (Insta and twitter), facebook.com/drawoutlimerick
Website: www.drawout.ie

St. John’s Brass and Reed Band Socials: @saintjohnsbrassandreedbandlimerick 
Website: www.stjohnsband.com

Artists socials: @decoy_art and @withoutmatter (Instagram), facebook.com/Decoyartist