COVID-19 Policy

St. John’s Brass and Reed Band is complying with Government and HSE guidelines with regards to mitigating against any risks presented by COVID-19.

Currently, the permitted number of people in the building at any one time is limited to 18.

Entrance / exit

Entrance / exit to and from the building and into individual rooms is controlled to limit proximity between people.

Hand sanitiser is available in multiple areas of the building, and should be used when moving from one room to another.


  • We enforce 2-metre distancing between each band member
  • Plastic screens are used in the band room to limit air circulation from instruments
  • It is recommended that face-masks be worn if working within 2 metres of a person
  • If the bathroom is used, hands must be washed for a minimum of 20 seconds, and hand sanitiser applied thereafter
  • All commonly-used items such as light switches, chairs, music stands etc. are wiped down after every rehearsal or group gathering

Contact Tracing

Each staff member or member of the public who enters the building must record their presence on the visitor log contact tracing form.

Contact tracing requires that the following information be recorded:

Full name and address
Date building was entered
Length of time spent in the building

Hall Bookings

Any individuals or groups renting the Band’s space must comply with our Covid-19 Policy.

There must be a 30-minute period between one activity finishing and the next commencing, in order to disinfect the room. Early arrivals will not be admitted until the room has been sanitised properly.

We are officially certified by Quirk & Shaw Cleaning Supplies, confirming our compliance with Government sanitation guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact our appointed Covid-19 Officer, Tony McCarthy –